Akroyd Furniture is the eponymous furniture practice of Robert Akroyd.

The studio operates with Robert as the exclusive designer and business administrator, while production involves Akroyd and his staff of gifted cabinetmakers.

Robert originally studied painting and sculpture (BA- University of Waterloo, 1993) before finding work as a novice to a traditional wood furniture maker. He began making and selling his own work in 1994, but returned to study Furniture Design at the renowned Sheridan College in 1995/96.

His studio has developed from its inception at the Williams Mill Creative Arts Studios north of Toronto (1997-2001) to the New World Arts Complex in downtown Halifax (2001-2003) and finally to its current premises in Toronto’s Distillery District (2003-present)

Robert has won awards for his furniture including the Diana Crawford Award for Excellence (2001) and has had pieces selected for touring exhibitions including “Looking Forward: A New Vision of Craft” (2000-01)

Akroyd: a Yorkshire (England) family name denoting an ancestor who lived at the oak (Old English ‘ac’) clearing (Old English ‘rod’, Yorkshire dialect pronunciation ‘royd’).